Day: September 11, 2019

21 Most Wanted Glide Waxes for 2019

  WINKWAX U-series Universal Ski Snowboard Glide Wax (U105, 1 lb) -¬†Interpenetrating wax formula hardens wax base for heavy duty riding. Expanded gliding temperature window improved performance when warm and cold. Eco-friendly formula advanced glide wax derived from renewable sources. Economic 1 lb-pack contains three wax blocks that can tune […]

16 Top Ski Skins for 2019

  Black Diamond GlideLite Mohair Mix Kicker Skin, 65mm, Gray Print -¬†For long, flat approaches on frozen lakes, forest roads or open trails, the black diamond mohair mix kicker skins offer surprising traction and a third the weight of a full mohair mix skin. These ultralight half-skins feature a camlock […]